How It Works

Rate My Best Features

We have a simple yet exciting concept. It is full of fun, enjoyment and fascinating experience to post your own picture and see the reaction of the world audience. How they like your smile, your look, your personality or a specific feature of your face. How people from different parts of the world see you. How they think about you after seeing your picture. You can know how the outside world is feeling about the different aspects of your face. They will be able to rate your smile, lips and so on.
Of course, it is just for fun, and it will be super exciting.
The process is extremely easy
First, you have to post one of your pictures on our website
People can rate you based on two parameters:
1. How do you look at a scale of 1 to 10?
2. What is the best feature of your body?
People can only rate for the second feature if you enable it.
You can look for male or female profiles on the website or both.
You can search people by country and can send an interest to anyone you like, but you will only be able to send a message if that person likes you back.
All the features and functions of this website are free along with sending messages to other users (who like you back).

Rate Your Best Body Features

You post your picture and allow people to rate Your Best Body Features. Accordingly you will have the calculated rating of yourself on the basic of rating that people give you which will be showed to other users below your picture on. And if you have enabled the Rate My Best Features section, then we will tell you which your best feature is.